Jimmy's Coil

Since Jimmy doesn't like to keep up his website, I thought I could host some of the pictures he often sends me of his DRSSTC work.

Below is his very original DRSSTC.  It uses a full bridge of CM150 IGBTs (150A 600V).  The primary is constructed from 6" wide aluminum flashing for massive surface area.  The tank cap is 8 parallel strings of 2 series .15uF 2kv CDE caps yielding .6uF at 4kV (big cap!).  Power is right from a normal 120VAC line with a voltage doubler for about 330VDC on the IGBTs (he may use a variac for 140VAC, I don't remember).  The secondary is 6.5"x30" wound with 28awg. I think the toroid is 6.5"x30" or so as well.  He uses a microcontroller as a VCO to drive his bridge.  The glowing things in the base of his setup are just light bulbs, to indicate there is still energy in the capacitor bank.  The maximum recorded spark for this coil is 97".  I'm not sure on the exact spark length in these pictures, but I'd estimate around 7 feet.  Enjoy!